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The kind of tenderness everyone appreciates.

Still believe shoppers buy beef based on grades? Just watch this video, and see why tenderness matters.


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A great fit for foodservice.

There's nothing quite like a juicy, tender steak cooked to perfection. It's what leads diners to choose one establishment over another. Assure your customers of a tender experience every time they eat at your restaurant by bringing Ranchers Registry beef to your business. Along with consistent tenderness, we offer the marketing support – from point of sale to employee education – to help you sell more steak. We also have the resources to provide valuable data like demographic trends, order forecasting and pricing.

But Ranchers Registry beef isn't just tender – it's a blend of quality USDA-graded Select and Choice cuts of beef that we've carefully selected for our customers. It's the kind of quality you can pass along to your diners with every mouth-watering steak you serve up.

Along with consistent tenderness, we provide dynamic marketing support to help you sell more steak. As part of our commitment to ongoing service, we work closely with all our customers to define key marketing objectives and create a plan that caters to their business’s needs. Our comprehensive program provides customers with:

  • Consumer insights
  • Research on food consumption
  • Dining behavior research
  • Demographic trends
  • Sales data analysis
  • Point-of-sale materials

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Tenderness that brings them back.

When it comes to tenderness, Ranchers Registry doesn't just make the grade – it exceeds it. That's because everything we do, from the ranch all the way to the meat case, is done with one goal in mind: To deliver consistently tender beef-eating experiences to your shoppers, and to help you sell that beef by using category, consumer and market insights to develop marketing solutions that drive sales and build loyalty.

Furthermore, every cut of beef that qualifies for the Ranchers Registry brand has been USDA-graded Select or Choice. This special blend of quality USDA grades ensures that the beef you sell to your customers is not only guaranteed to cook up tender and delicious, but also offers your business competitive profit-margin opportunities.

Along with consistent tenderness, we provide dynamic marketing support to help you drive your bottom line. We provide every customer with unparalleled sales support from a team of professionals who understand the challenges of the retail environment, and can help establish and meet your business’s needs and goals. Our comprehensive program provides customers with:

  • Launch support
  • Permanent point-of-sale materials
  • Seasonal in-store promotions
  • Digital and social media support
  • Sales contest support and employee engagement tools

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Our tenderness is USDA Certified.

Would you believe that half of all shoppers don't care about the grade of their beef as long as it's tender? And that nearly two-thirds of shoppers say it's important to them for beef tenderness to be certified by a third-party?* It's why we've worked hard to provide select cuts of Ranchers Registry beef that qualify as USDA Certified Tender. More than a dozen cuts of beef are eligible for designation as "USDA Certified Tender" under this certification program.

USDA tenderness audits. These random audits verify the tenderness of our product and provide third-party credibility from the USDA.

Aging. All qualifying cuts must be aged – a process that naturally enhances tenderness.

Monitoring and labeling. Proper monitoring and labeling helps accurately track and identify USDA Certified Tender product.

Shear-force testing. For Certified Tender designation, beef samples must be shear-force tested at Cargill's tenderness lab.

Training. All staff members are required to complete approved and documented training prior to the program launch.

USDA Certified Tender is the next step in assuring your shoppers/patrons get only the most certifiably tender and delicious beef possible. For more information on the USDA Certified Tender program or its requirements, contact us.

*Source: "National Tenderness Study," conducted by Sullivan Higdon & Sink on behalf of Cargill Meat Solutions, 2012.

The science beyond the ranch.

Providing tender beef is a much more technical process than it might seem at first glance. It's a process we've distilled down to a science, measured by more than a dozen control points that help us identify the best of the best when it comes to tenderness.

From super sorting at feedlots to shear force testing fully cooked steaks, and from trolley tracking to camera assessment, we're as adept and thorough in the lab as we are in the field. Take a look at some of our processes and interventions, and see for yourself how our science makes Ranchers Registry beef that much better.

Tougher standards. All cattle must fall within our parameters for grade, weight, color and consistency – ultimately, only 35% of cattle qualify.

Tracking. We use radio-frequency chips and trolley tracking to monitor beef as it moves through our plants.

Snip and Shock. Our patented snip-and-shock process accelerates the conversion of muscle into tender beef.

Camera assessment. High-tech camera equipment allows us to evaluate beef based on rib eye uniformity, consistency, marbling and color.

Marbling. Only cattle receiving marbling scores of Slight and higher meet our marbling requirements.

Tenderness testing. We utilize shear force testing and sample thousands of cuts of beef weekly.

Tender beef – it's what we do.

If there's one thing we're clearly committed to, it's tenderness. To ensure our customers get a consistently tender product every time, we've refined our processes and zeroed in on key attributes that play a large role in the overall tenderness of our steaks and roasts – factors like optimal aging, grain-feeding and tenderness testing.

Just take a look at the chart shown here, and see exactly how these higher standards factor into tangible, tastable benefits for beef lovers of all types.

Feature Benefit
Marbling score Slight and higher Flavor
"A" Maturity
Medium or Fine Grained Marbling Texture
Breed Specific Cattle Source – Angus Optional
Ribeye Area Specifications Consistently Sized
Cattle Hot-Weight Specifications
Moderately Thick or Thicker Muscling Appearance and Texture
Absence of Capillary Rupture in Ribeye
Absence of Dark Cutters
Neck Hump < 2 inches Tenderness
USDA Certified Tender*
Proprietary Tenderness Processes

*additional retailer requirements necessary.

Tender beef from American ranchers.

If there's anyone that knows a thing or two about tenderness, it's the men and women who proudly supply Ranchers Registry beef. Our partner ranchers who we source our beef from not only provide the highest-quality cattle, but adhere to humane handling practices and strict specifications for maturity, weight and breed that allow us to offer our customers the most tender beef around. So, regardless of whether the beef they're raising is graded Select or Choice, it's always guaranteed to be tender.

Answering the call for Angus.

True beef lovers know there's nothing quite like a tender, juicy Angus steak. And when you take that eating experience and make it a part of the Ranchers Registry® brand, you get something special and unique altogether.

Sourced from Angus cattle (51% black hide) that fall in line with our size, weight and hump height restrictions, Ranchers Registry Angus beef combines the legendary flavor of Angus with the consistent tenderness of Ranchers Registry beef.

While our comprehensive Ranchers Registry beef program offers both Angus and non-Angus programs with the same specs and standards, there are specific benefits to carrying an Angus line, such as:

  • Higher-profit-margin opportunities
  • Consumer correlation between Angus and quality
  • Increased market demand for Angus
  • Market differentiation

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